Ventilation systems automation

Ventilation systems automation​

ABIPI FZC LLC installs automation for all types of ventilation systems and fully adapts the equipment to operate at a particular site.

To ensure required conditions of proper air movement in rooms, to create reliable ventilation systems, to reduce the need for maintenance personnel, to save energy and keep cold and heat, resort to the use of automated ventilation systems, which, among other things, allow for automatic shutdown and activation of equipment in emergency situations.

Control automation simplifies operation and ensures stable operation of industrial ventilation systems. Control of industrial ventilation systems is possible both in automatic and manual mode, including switching systems on and off according to a time schedule, local control from the air handling units, remote control from the control room, remote control from the serviced rooms.

The possibility of ventilation systems scheduling

  • system control by means of an intuitive interface;
  • control in remote mode via Internet using wired and wireless channels;
  • receiving messages about unusual situations, violations of the regime that allow operatively bringing the system into order;
  • planning of preventive measures;
  • creation of archives of data on the activities of the system in order to analyze their effectiveness and emergency diagnostics.
Ventilation automation

The main advantages of ventilation systems automation

  • reduction of costs for electricity, energy, operation of engineering, personnel: with automation it is possible to achieve 10-20% savings in heat and cold consumption;
  • effective organization of air exchange in rooms: the required parameters of purification, temperatures, flow rate can be set by automatics;
  • reliable protection in emergency situations: a comprehensive system including alarm, fire extinguishing and smoke neutralization devices will allow to react quickly in case of emergency;
  • full control and manageability of the system: by means of automated units it is possible to regulate the work of fans, monitor how dirty the filters are, whether the elements are overheated or overcooled, and so on.

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