Technological line building

technological line building

ABIPI FZC LLC manufactures to order automatic production lines for various food industries: confectionery factories, butter factories, canneries, fish factories, bakeries, etc.

Equipping lines with technically complex equipment allows in one process to carry out all manipulations with the initial raw material on one or more interrelated units to obtain a product with the desired qualities. When designing technological lines ABIPI selects aggregates so that the technological process goes on continuously during one or several shifts. In this case fully automated equipment or semi-automated processes are used.

Why choose ABIPI for process line design?

Due to the specifics of technological processes in the design of facilities related to the conditions of placement and operation of equipment, we take into account factors:

  • fire safety;
  • fire resistance;
  • chemical safety of the production facilities;
  • all safety requirements for working with installations shall be complied with.

That is why all works on design, manufacturing, installation, installation and commissioning or reconstruction of facilities with technological lines must be carried out by organizations licensed to work and supervise in this area.

сonveyor lines for factories

Advantages of our automatic conveyor lines for factories

In the design of technological lines of all kinds of production, including dangerous, our company takes into account such features of equipment, as:

  • range of parameters used in control (pressure, temperature and others);
  • performance;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • fail-safe and reliable operation;
  • modular principle of manufacturing and installation;
  • flexibility in changing technological schemes, the possibility of reconstruction;
  • payback period.
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