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Reverse osmosis stations manufacturing

reverse osmosis station

At ABIPI FZC LLC you can order reverse osmosis water purification systems with membrane systems.

Today the reverse osmosis principle is used to produce about several hundred thousand cubic meters of drinking water in the world (in domestic and industrial applications).

Our specialists will make a calculation of the pre-treatment unit and membrane units based on the task provided by you. This allows us to design the optimal reverse osmosis system for specific operating conditions and taking into account the chemical composition of water.

Reverse osmosis stations manufacturing

Reverse osmosis treatment applications

The industrial reverse osmosis system is designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. The areas of application of such filtration are industrial enterprises, food establishments, restaurant and hotel business. Enterprises of food, pharmacological and chemical industries use industrial reverse osmosis. Clean water is also used for the production of electrical parts.

In addition to manufacturing, industrial filters are installed in cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, canteens, hotels and hotels. After all, the preparation of food and beverages requires perfectly pure water. Once the liquid passes through the reverse osmosis filter it can be used for its intended purpose and also has a pleasant taste.

The installation of the reverse osmosis filter depends on the capacity of the enterprise or institution itself. Based on this figure, the reverse osmosis membranes are selected, their type and quantity. Industrial filter provides for the repeated running of the concentrate and is therefore equipped with sensors and devices for monitoring water quality.

Advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment

The main advantages of reverse osmosis purification systems:

  • high percentage of removal of dissolved substances from water;
  • the system removes bacteria;
  • no chemicals are used;
  • low operating costs;
  • no reagents hazardous to humans are used in operation;
  • the pump and valve are made of corrosion-resistant materials;
  • during cleaning the equipment does not stand idle;
  • electronic devices monitor the water quality.

Reverse osmosis system is the most popular water filter, especially in production, because as a result of filtration the consumer receives absolutely clean water, which can be used for various purposes.

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