Pumps commissioning

pumps comissioning

Our company has highly qualified personnel and a large number of the latest tools for correct and high-quality commissioning of pumping equipment.

Commissioning of equipment is an important service, requirements to installation of pumps are very high.

Pump units end up in repair shops in 80% of cases due to installation errors.

ABIPI FZC LLC is a reliable service center authorized to perform this service and issue a commissioning certificate.

Our specialists carry out the work according to the strict algorithm of the manufacturing plants, the whole system, pipe connections, installation of pump units, protections, etc. are diagnosed. For cantilever pumps we perform obligatory laser alignment with issuing of official certificate.

Algorithm of commissioning of pump units

A test run of the pumps with measurement of all necessary data is prepared. After the start-up of the pump station, specialists check the functionality of the automation.

After all necessary actions, the official act of commissioning is drawn up by our service center.

Remember! If the pump (pump station) is correctly installed and the operating conditions are observed, it practically does not require any maintenance.

comissioning pumps

Comparison of methods of commissioning equipment

ComparisonSelf-operated commissioningABIPI FZC LLC service technicians
1.Warranty period of operationSince the saleSince commissioning
2.Checking the rules of pump installationComplete inspection with the drawing up of the act and pointing out all the shortcomings
3.Check the correctness of the cable connectionsAccording to the manufacturer’s requirements
4.Checking the Frequency Converter SettingsComplete check, software check, adjustment to system operating parameters and pump characteristics
5.Commissioning errors and malfunctions that have occurredIn case of any error or malfunction the pump is out of warranty, repairs and diagnostics will be paidAny situation arising is resolved by the Service Center and at the expense of the manufacturer, the warranty remains
6.Pump alignment (specific models)Approximate accuracyLaser alignment of pumps is included in the cost of commissioning
7.Saving moneyLow, high level of risks and errors, on expensive and complex pumps unjustified100% payback due to increased warranty period and elimination of risks

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