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Pump units are a very popular type of equipment used in various industrial facilities. The design may include a pump unit with a fitting, reduction and booster gearboxes, hydraulic lines, instrumentation and other components.

ABIPI FZC LLC designs energy efficient pump stations for the following types of industries:

  • food and light industry;
  • water supply and wastewater disposal;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • petrochemical industry;
  • petroleum refineries;
  • paint and varnish industry;
  • mining.

Scope of application of industrial pump units

Industrial pumps can be used in any production where pump of liquids is required. The peculiarity of industrial pumps is that their body and all details of the pump part are made of stainless materials, resistant to any aggressive substances. The pumps included in the units can be of different types depending on the production requirements. The most popular pump types are as follows:

  • screw pumps – pumps for pump viscous substances;
  • centrifugal sectional pumps – use the centrifugal force of the rotor to pump liquids, and are suitable for more fluid pumped media;
  • сantilever pumps.
pump stations construction
water supply for residential and public buildings

Water supply for residential and public buildings

technological processes

Technological processes

firefighting systems

Firefighting systems

plant flushing systems

Plant flushing systems

water cooling systems

Water cooling systems

irrigation systems

Irrigation systems

We create pump stations that drive oil, prepare solutions and help to dose chemicals with high precision. All materials and components are tested for compliance with the requirements of standards, specifications and have certificates of quality and compliance.

Process piping and shut-off valves for pump systems

The control and automation system of the pump unit can be designed according to the customer’s requirements from a simple control panel to complete equipment based on any necessary controllers (Siemens, Grundfos, Schneider automation systems are primarily used).

Overall dimensions

ABIPI pump stations can be made according to the customer’s dimensional requirements.

Software for pump stations

If necessary, special software can be installed according to the customer’s requirements.

Equipment upgrades

Equipment with any monitor gauges and monitoring devices included in the MI register is possible.

Both stationary and mobile (and/or portable) pump units are possible.

Stationary ones may have their own frame or skeleton or may be tied to a specific foundation.

Pump units for transferring aggressive and abrasive liquids

ABIPI offers pump sets for aggressive, abrasive, toxic, crystallizing and highly flammable liquids.

Safety is of paramount importance when handling hazardous and aggressive liquids, so we will develop a turnkey solution for your production.

This can include double shaft sealed pumps, explosion-proof pumps, pump stations with special materials (e.g. titanium pump flow and aggressive elastomers).


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