Pump repair

pump repair

The ABIPI Service Center is an effective way to extend the service life as well as to minimize the maintenance costs of your equipment fleet, through current as well as overhaul (rebuild) repairs of industrial pumps and pump equipment.

We have more than 10 years of experience in industrial pump repair, and provide in-house solutions, offering on-site and on-site service and a first-class repair and assembly facility for a wide range of industrial and commercial pump systems and equipment in use today. This allows us to guarantee a level of quality and service at a competitive, cost-effective price.

The following measures are implemented as part of the delivered range of pump equipment maintenance and repair work:

  • inspection in a certain amount with a certain periodicity;
  • scheduled replacement of pump parts by condition, running hours;
  • scheduled replacement of cooling lubricants, lubrication by condition, runtime;
  • scheduled repair by condition and runtime.
screw pump repair

Repair of screw pumps

pressure booster pumps

Repair of pressure booster stations

submersible pumps

Submersible pumps repair

drainage pump

Repair of drainage pumps

fecal pump

Repair of fecal pumps

centrifugal pump repair

Repair of centrifugal pumps

sewage pumps

Repair of sewage pumps/pump stations

heating pump

Repair of heating pumps

pump motor

Pump motor repair

Repair of all types of industrial pumps

We carry out maintenance and repair work on pumps in a wide range of industries:

  • food processing industry;
  • power plants;
  • water supply and wastewater disposal;
  • engineering and metalworking;
  • chemical and petrochemical processing enterprises;
  • enterprises of waste management and recycling.

According to the methods of repair, the application of measures is divided into:

  • current repair – elimination of failures and malfunctions by replacing the worn-out part (except basic);
  • pump overhaul – restoration of serviceability of parts and units (by surfacing, deposition methods). In this case it is allowed to replace any part including basic ones.

ABIPI FZC LLC has the license for the right of activity in the field of industrial safety, the list of its works and services includes works on operation of hazardous production facilities, installation and adjustment of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities.

repair of pumps

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