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Production of deferrization stations

deferrization units

Modular water deferrization stations are transportable containers consisting of 1 – 10 modules, which are connected at the place of location into a single unit.

Block-modular water treatment stations are designed for purification of water from ground and surface sources from dissolved iron and manganese to the required sanitary standards.

At the same time there is purification from fine particles and suspensions, as well as reduction of turbidity, color, permanganate oxidation rate, odor, etc. If necessary, the equipment allows to meet more stringent requirements for the quality of treated water.

Availability of ready-made design solutions, developed technological schemes and execution options provides:

  • minimum time for project development,
  • passing the examination in a short time,
  • manufacturing of equipment in parallel with the development of design and estimate documentation,
  • the shortest terms of delivery and installation of equipment,
  • commissioning in the shortest possible time.

Quality of equipment is guaranteed by quality management system confirmed by certificates of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, issued by the international certification body Bureau Veritas.

Advantages of ABIPI modular deferrization stations

  • 100% factory readiness of the plant;
  • Full automation of all technological processes of the station;
  • High compactness;
  • Electric lighting, electric heating, supply and exhaust ventilation systems, etc. are provided;
  • Modern appearance and design;
  • No need for construction of permanent buildings;
  • Transportation in assembled form;
  • The capacity of the stations is practically unlimited due to the possibility to connect separately delivered modules with equipment in a single unit;
  • Minimum list of construction and installation works on site;
    Minimal time for putting the deferrization stations into operation.
abipi water threatment systems

Features of ABIPI water treatment stations

  • The housings are made of plastic;
  • The material of the enclosures ensures a long service life;
  • Complete systems – no need to purchase additional materials and accessories;
  • High compactness of the equipment;
  • Easy and affordable maintenance;
  • Filters have low hydraulic resistance;
  • Full automation of the equipment with the possibility of adding additional functions;
  • The control valves “Clack”, “Fleck” and others are used;
  • There is a wide range of consumables and accessories in stock;
  • Warranty: 24 months.

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