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Control cabinet construction

control cabinet construction

ABIPI offers manufacturing of automation and control cabinets according to your project (technical specifications). Experience in design, development, in-house production and commissioning of automation cabinets allows us to supply our customers with reliable and durable products. Automation cabinets are developed taking into account all the requirements of your automation object. Customers note that the products of our production throughout the life of high performance.

Automatic cabinet from ABIPI – a reliable product, designed to control automatics of any type of enterprise. Customers of our products include: industrial enterprises, construction and installation companies, energy organizations, shopping centers, telecommunications companies and many others. We accept individual orders for manufacturing automation cabinets with your required parameters. According to your specifications, we can make a cabinet of automatics, which will solve your problems to the maximum extent.

Assembly of control cabinets

ABIPI offers a full cycle of technological operations in the manufacture of control cabinets:

  • assessment and analysis of the automation object;
  • design and construction of the product;
  • manufacturing of control cabinets according to your specifications;
  • delivery of the cabinet to your company;
  • installation and commissioning of automation devices;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.
ABIPI control cabinets are ordered for ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat and electricity supply, water supply and many others. For a large network of industrial facilities, we offer an automation cabinet that allows you to control multiple systems.
control cabinets dubai

Our automation cabinets comply with the standards and requirements of fire, explosion and electrical safety in a mandatory manner. Products of our production have all the necessary design documentation, instructions, schemes, passports, warranty coupons and are made in accordance with the “Rules for Electrical Installations”.

Our customers note the high technical and aesthetic level of execution of cabinets of automatics. Appearance of the cabinet, mounting and optimal dimensions allow installing the cabinet in any desired location.

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