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Containerized deferrization stations manufacturing

Containerized deferrization station

Our company specializes in the production of container water treatment stations of any purpose and capacity.

Container and internal equipment can be assembled according to the standard scheme as well as taking into account the requirements for installation on the Customer’s site. Only modern materials and water treatment equipment meeting the highest requirements of world standards are used in the production of containerized deferrization and water treatment stations.

Container water treatment stations are used to purify ground and surface water to the required standards. Also container stations can be used for purification of municipal water or water of large industrial enterprises, cities.

Schemes of implementation of water treatment with the help of container water treatment stations are diverse. Operation of the container water treatment station can be organized through a storage tank, water tower or directly into the consumer’s network.

Containerized deferrization stations manufacturing

Advantages of our container water deferrization stations

  • Container deferrization stations are fully autonomous and do not require constant presence of personnel, which allows their installation in the immediate vicinity of the well or at some distance from it.
  • Stations include all the equipment necessary for reliable operation: pumps, oil-free compressors, tanks, sensors, automatic control and alarm systems.
  • They are delivered to the place of installation fully assembled. Only local utilities need to be connected.
  • Does not require additional construction and installation work on the ground.
  • Guarantee on container stations up to 5 years from the date of commissioning.
  • Ability to remotely control the station by GSM signal or data transmission via RS 485 bus.

All containers for water treatment stations are made in vandal-proof version, equipped with safety and automation devices, lighting, access control, GSM performance monitoring (optional).

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