Buildings Automation

building automation

ABIBI FZC LLC offers complex automation of building engineering systems (BMS), for the implementation of which automation tools from manufacturers Schneider Electric™ and Siemens are used. This solution is in great demand in the operation of those buildings that exist. It is also applicable to facilities under design and construction, residential and industrial buildings and commercial properties. There are many factors in favor of implementation.

The process of operating a building entails significant costs that are associated with maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for people. Engineering systems such as water and electricity supply, ventilation, heating, fire extinguishing and cooling systems also need to be maintained. The introduction of energy-efficient solutions and the reduction of energy consumption is necessary because it allows to reduce the operating costs of the facility.

Implement energy efficient solutions

Complex automation of building engineering systems in most cases is suitable for implementation on multifunctional objects, which have a complex engineering infrastructure. We are talking about office buildings, industrial complexes, shopping and entertainment centers and industrial facilities.

energy efficient solutions

Controlled engineering systems

There are a number of subsystems that can be included in the control system, depending on the customer’s wishes. These systems are:

  • Gas and electrical systems;
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation;
  • OPS, smoke removal and fire extinguishing systems;
  • Metering of energy resources;
  • Water and heating systems;
  • ACS and video surveillance.
  • Elevator and escalator systems.

Introduction of BMS system makes it possible to visualize information on the functioning of engineering systems, allowing the operator to control equipment remotely in the control room. Automatic mode of operation support is possible.

Data on the condition of engineering networks are transmitted to the server with the help of local automatics controllers. Technological data are received by operator in processed graphic form and contain all necessary analytical information, twenty-four-hour access to the information is provided, and later it is used for generation of reports.

In their work to automate engineering systems in buildings ABIPI FZC LLC specialists will carry out the following list of services:

  • Design of systems taking into account of a particular object and wishes of the customer;
  • Implementation of installation and adjustment works;
  • Delivery of equipment;
  • Adjustment of scenarios for a particular object;
  • Project commissioning and its subsequent maintenance.

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